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Grip Spritz

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Grip Spritz is a spray that offers an alternative to soap and water to clean and restore the grips on your clubs. We did a test in the office with several grips. Watch video here

How Rain Girl uses this product to clean her grips:

  • Use a clean towel and slightly wet one side of the towel, use one side to clean and the other to dry.
  • Spray up to four pumps (2 on each side) with Grip Spritz
  • Use the wet side of the towel to clean the grip getting all of the oils, sunscreen, dirt and sweat off the grip
  • Pat dry the grip with the dry side of the towel
In the past, this was a long process of using soap, water and scrub brush with at least an hour or 2 of drying time.
I love that the tackiness comes back on the grip and really prolongs the life of the grip.  Great product!